Company Profile

Based on a 12 years experience in installing and operating conference and interpretation systems with Sennheiser, our main goal is to provide our clients with the best conference services possible.
Relying on one of the most professional manufacturers worldwide SENNHEISER, we guarantee to our clients using the most advanced technology in the field of conference and interpretation systems.
We serve your conference Best, is the main idea of our company. We believe that Planning a successful conference is focusing on every detail of the event. We let our client focus on the protocol and procedures of the event and we focus on the technicalities. Let us serve your conference in the best way.

We believe that the client deserves:
  •  Getting the most advanced technology.
  •  Achieving his needs.
  •  Appreciating short notice and sudden meetings.
  •  Friendly professional help.
Our aim is to make your conference a complete success through :
  • Supplying new technologies to our clients.
  • Handling any setups and requirements.
  • Updating our clients with best solutions.
  • Hadayek al Ahram - Villa 382T - Giza from al Remaya Square
  • +2 02 398 001 22